August 23, 2003

Wish 61: Characters for Other People

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 61: Characters for Other People
Ginger asks:
Come up with a character concept for one to three other gamers you know. System, genre, stats (if you even bother with stats) up to you. How did the gamer(s) influence the concept(s) you came up with? Would you play the character(s) you came up with yourself?


I usually don't even make pre-generated characters at con games, so this question has thrown me a bit for a loop. I don't usually design characters for people. I like, in any game I run, give players the maximum possible flexibility in character creation. That's why I wound up with a character who could walk into mirrors in the 2003 version of Wizard in the Attic...and two Rebman twins with unusual abilities in the first version. And SB is no exception to that rule, either.

But, a question is a question. And I decided to limit myself this time around to people who haven't actually played for me as yet.

Okay, first, I'd love to have Meera do a Lessiman for me. She and the Lintking created the Lessimans, and even though I took them, made them my own and evolved them independently, she knows more about them than anyone I know. She'd be very good at such a position and would help bring the mysterious shapeshifters to life in a way I can think no one else can exceed.

Second, I'd want Ginger to play a crown princess of some sort, but with Amber ties or bloodline. If I was talking about existing NPCs...I think Ginger could take the ball and run with Dulcinea from SB. Or, in more general terms, someone in the same ecological niche. (Character flexibility, after all) Based on seeing Lalage in Bete Noire, and her playing of Martin in Grand Affair, I think Ginger would throw herself into the role, especially given some crossed loyalties and secrets of her own to keep.

Third, I'd like the ever-adpatable Liz to take a role in my game. Based on her incredible creativity in Grand Affair doing Sand and my passing knowledge of her other characters, Liz's research skills are a GM's dream. And since she usually plays "good" characters, I'd like her to take one of the older "cousins" in a game of mine and run with the ball. Someone the King actually trusts to help keep her younger counterparts in line, and get whatever needs doing, done. Martially focused, perhaps, but complicated.

Posted by Jvstin at August 23, 2003 7:59 AM