August 26, 2003

Monday Mashup #6: Huck Finn

Today�s Monday Mashup inspiration is the classic, Huckleberry Finn...

Huckleberry Finn is the great American Novel, and the great Mark Twain novel. Thusly, the novel is rich in ideas and themes, and a game created from it has to, I feel, pick and choose from the themes. After all, to get them all together himself, Twain wrote a book. A game or a scenario is more limited.

Anyway, when I think of Huck Finn, I think of the quest for Freedom, a journey down the River, and meeting strange characters all along the way. I didn't realize it at the time, but my ACUS scenario Ghosts of the Past inadvertently takes a couple of these themes, since its source material, Sean Russell's the One Kingdom, apparently does as well. So in a sense, I could cheat and declare GHOP as a pre-existing mashup.

But skipping that for a moment, let's choose the game system Adventure! Set the characters as not knowing much about each other, stuck on a boat going up the Amazon, or the Orinoco, or the Nile or any of the other mysterious rivers in the Adventure! world. With those strange energies, the characters are bound to eventually run into weird and interesting things. In the meantime, as their boat slowly makes progress, the story-telling and tale-swapping of Huck Finn could come into play, as the characters introduce themselves to each other through tales of their previous exploits.

Posted by Jvstin at August 26, 2003 1:23 PM