September 6, 2003

Game WISH 63: Contributions

Ginger asks:

What kinds of game-related things do you do when you�re not gaming? Do you write journals or fiction, create web-pages, make character images, or indulge in other outside game-related business? If you game regularly face-to-face, do you play by email or chat outside the game? Does your GM give you experience or character rewards for your efforts? And if you don�t do any of these things, what are your reasons for not doing them (disinterest, insufficient time, etc.)?

I love to Contribute to games that I am in, as well as receive them. As almost all of my gaming is email these days, that means game-related things which are NOT email. And there is never enough time to do all the Contribution-related stuff that I would like.

First, let me talk about what I do as a player, and then spotlight my players in my RPGs (primarily, of course, Strange Bedfellows).

Webpages and items which can be put on the web are the primary focus of my energies as a player in terms of contributions to a game. I've done webpages for characters for quite some time, and have a page on my site which links to all of those. I always of course do a webpage for the game that I run, and Strange Bedfellows' rather labyrinthine site needs no further mention.

I also do some game fiction. This is harder, since I need my Muse as well as time to inspire me. But there are always backstories lurking in my character's personae. To point out one example for you, I wrote a story about Archard, my Empire of the Gleaming Banner character called Point of Divergence. For quite some time now, I've been working on a story for Marcus for Bridgette's Age of Retribution. Other characters, like Iolaus, and Cadmus have ideas lurking back there, but nothing has come through as yet.

I am not very good, however, at creating Phototrumps. I have only a unsupported Adobe program in which to work rather than Photoshop, and my efforts pale against the real artistes of the Amber community. In fact, most of the "trumps" I've done are what I like to call word-trumps, a written description of what the trump card actually looks like. In point of fact, it was not long ago that I finally began "casting" my PCs in terms of actors. I find it difficult now to go back and assign actors and actresses to portray my PCs and NPCs, a fact which has hobbled my own attempts to emulate Casting Calls such as that at House of Cards or Eternal City.

I've done a few other things, too, but they usually are in the literary sense. For example, I created and detailed a shadow for Arref's Empire of the Gleaming Banner. It was a natural idea, considering my modestly famous Shadowwalker's Guide to the Golden Circle. Is it any wonder that, given a chance, I created an entirely new shadow for my secondary character in A Grand Affair?

As a GM, I've received a lot of contributions over the years, of various types and media. Much of what I've received is at the SB Contribution Page.

I've received diary entries, stories, word-trumps, character profiles of other characters and NPCs, drawings, graphical works, and character-created webpages. One PC has a blog up for her character.

I'm very lucky, as a GM.

Posted by Jvstin at September 6, 2003 5:40 PM