September 19, 2003

WISH 65: That's My Job

Ginger asks us:

Does what you do for a living have any impact on your gaming? Have you had occupational details intrude on your descriptions of how something works? Have you ever dared a player to go �Hotwire a car, then, if that�s how you think it�s done?�

Well, considering the variety of things that I have done which have nothing to do with my degree, I really haven't put those talents to true use, and thus my jobs haven't really influenced my gaming.

My education/training however, has. With a Biology degree under my belt, with some other sciences thrown in, my scientific frameset has definitely influenced my gaming. I've used Quantum Mechanics, for example, in my cosmology (and I've not seen anyone else go there, although I've seen some mathematical descriptions of the infinities of shadows)

My descriptions of shadows include things like Biomes. I've borrowed extinct animals for shadows, especially my beloved Ammonites. Most of my magic-wielding character's approaches to sorcery are very much by the scientific method, especially Marcus and Cadmus.

The funniest ancedote I have about an intrusion into gaming doesn't involve me personally, although I was there. In Tony Pi's Silver Sails game, Rob "Xagnut" Bergeron started throwing detailed stuff about ships and sailing at Tony, much to his constertation, especially because it was derailing an important plot point that Tony wanted to have happen--namely, the boat sink.

Posted by Jvstin at September 19, 2003 4:23 PM