October 7, 2003

Monday Mashup: I am Legend

Bryant's Mashup this week is the Richard Matheson classic I AM LEGEND.

Zombies/Vampires, the Last Man on Earth..its a powerful story, filmed a couple of times (perhaps most memorably as THE OMEGA MAN, with Charlton Heston). In a sense, the recent movie 28 Days takes this theme as well...a few humans in a midst of monsters...with a lot of ambiguity in dealing with the infected.

Amber would be perfect for this...but its' already been snatched up twice, by Nuadha and Ginger.

Ah well. I promised when I started doing these Mashups that I would try not to make Amber out of all of them, and so here goes.

Game system: d20 D&D with heavy use of Manual of the Planes and perhaps also inspired by Ghostwalk.

The plot: The PC's party winds up trapped on the Plane of Shadow. As advertised in the MOP book, it is a shadowy, dark place that things like Undead can feel very comfortable upon. But with a twist, I am using a less malevolent form of Undead, dropping the idea of alignments a la Monte Cook.

The PCs were transported into in a large city, let's call it Brandenburg. Brandenburg is an old city, ruled by a council of Vampires and other higher undead. Its starkly beautiful, strong evocations to the cities of the dead of New Orleans would be the visuals I would push for this place. Or the City of the Dead in McAuley's CHILD OF THE RIVER (of the Confluence Trilogy)

The kicker is...this city and all of its inhabitants are under siege.

The PCs are at ground zero, because an army of fanatical anti-undead humans are at the gates of this city, visitors from an alternate (to the PCs) Prime Material Plane...but still recognizably human. Said humans are determined to wipe out any and all undead, and have brought the battle to Brandenburg.

Naturally, the PCs are caught in the middle. The true monsters here are their own kind, not the undead which populates this necropolis-like city that they are trapped within. Can they learn to trust the Undead (and vice versa!) to keep them all alive against this powerful army of "good" paladins and clerics and other ostensibly heroic characters?
I think its an intriguing story, anyway.

Posted by Jvstin at October 7, 2003 11:58 AM