October 10, 2003

Game Wish 68: Multiple Person GMS

Ginger's Wish this week:
Have you ever played in or GMed a game with more than one GM? What was your experience with it? What were the strengths and weaknesses of having multiple GMs? Was it positive or negative? Would you do it again? If you�ve never tried it as a GM or player, would you like to? Why or why not?

I've not been in many multiple-person GM games, actually. Oh, there has been things like Faces of a Stranger at ACUS, and there was a game that died before it really got off the ground that created the seed for my character Tynan, but until GA, I'd never really been in an email game with more than one GM.

With the shoe on the other foot, though, I've had a mixed bag with multiple person GMing. At ACUS, I've done well with it. I ran Dreams Made Flesh with Felicia Olson, since she had played a demo version of it and knew what I was trying to do. That worked very well, we GM as a team pretty well together. There was also It's a Mad Mad Mad Amber, with Felicia and also Karen Groves as my partners, and that was a LOT of fun. I mostly RPed NPCs, but I was certainly no third wheel to the other two. I also ran STORM CHASERS with Nicole at the first ACUS that I ran a con game, and we did very well as a team.

In email, however, I've had mostly bad luck with the concept. A game Felicia and I tried to run called OATHS OF THE UNICORN did not, in the end work well. We wrote ourselves into a bit of a corner, and we didn't have the time to really dedicate to the game. I didn't realize it then, but just because there are two GMs does not necessarily mean there is half the work.

The same thing happened with When it Rains it Pours. In this case, Bonnie (yes that one) and I came up with some neat ideas to run a game...but once again, time was not a friend to either of us. We had a clear division of labor, though, Bonnie handled a lot more of the creativity side, and I handled administration, since that was not her strong suit.

I suppose it was the stress and the impossibility on my part on running two games at the same time. SB fills up my GMing quota quite completely, and pushing that usually leads to grief. Gwyddbwyll didn't, but that was a small game, with a few trusted players. The email edition of Storm Chasers was mainly Nicole's baby, I was merely a senior adviser and did a few NPCs here and there.

I wouldn't mind doing another co-GM stint at a con, though. I could handle that.

Posted by Jvstin at October 10, 2003 10:24 PM