October 15, 2003

Comment Spam

Comment Spam has gotten worse here the last few days, and I'm really Po-ed about it. Its one of the reasons why I've not implemented a "last five comments" a la Arref, I don't want my front page blog real estate to show these fetid little pieces of greffet.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has a great entry that lists some of the IP addresses of the spammers, so you can at least IP ban this current set. Hopefully the next iteration of MT will have some tools to deal with them more effectively. I'm a little more dubious of the idea of hacking MT. I'm too new to the program to really try and overhaul it by changing the names of files and the like. However if this goes on, I may be forced to do so.

Posted by Jvstin at October 15, 2003 3:29 PM