October 25, 2003

Wish 70: Games that Challenge You

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 70: Games That Challenge You

Ginger's WISH:
Have you ever played in a game that has challenged you in some way? What was the challenge? Do you think you lived up to it? How did it affect other games you play/have played?

I am going to steal a march from Ginger and mention my own GMing experience first.

Strange Bedfellows has challenged me. I am still, to this day, learning and growing as a roleplayer and as a person from my experience with the game. Handling a large cast of PCs, NPCs, multitudinous plots, byzantine plans and other miscellany has been a wild ride. I think I have been living up to it, since for those who give me the effort, SB is a very good place to play these days. I've learned, or adapted, to giving more to those who have given ME more, and there is a feedback loop.

That feedback loop I learned first in GA. GA is teaching me the dynamics of a troupe game, where the GM is much less in a hierarchial station than other games, where cooperation, character building and such are King. It's not just about the prurient interests.

The other game that I've played in that really challenged me is/was the Empire of the Gleaming Banner, Archard's home? How so? Well, although Arref began with a wonderful world, it was up to the early players working together to help bring it to life, before the con games in 1999 and 2000. It was a rich, new milieu, and I learned about handling a non-Amberite character, the value of extending and giving the GM ideas and toys to play with (I even developed a shadow for the Empire in that vein).

It's sad to think on such things now, but I think my relationship with Bonnie fired up and did well thanks to the crucible of the creation of EGB. We worked very well together in coming up with a brother and sister team of Rakhi and Archard.

But, really, every game has a challenging lesson, if you but open your eyes and ears. Amberman's infamous AOL game taught me that a bad GM could truly be horrific, and it gave me a negative example to avoid when I began Gming my own. Karen's TKC sessions taught me that pushing buttons need not be a bad thing in a live game, as I felt the surge when she pushed Laertes' buttons hard. And I could go on ad infinitum, but I won't. You get the point.

Posted by Jvstin at October 25, 2003 9:53 AM