April 25, 2004

Game Wish 93: Enough and Too Much

Ginger's WISH this week:

Does joining a game with a lot of background thrill or intimidate you? What do you do to try to learn the background, or to compensate for not having it? If you GM, how do you help newcomers to a background-heavy game? What has worked for you as a player/GM, and what hasn�t?

It really depends on the game.

Arref mentions his experience in joining House of Cards. Readers recall that I, myself, unsuccessfully made an application to join the game. I designed my own character in keeping with Arref's proposal--a character who could organically get up to speed on game events because he had not had the opportunity to experience them or his siblings. I also felt that this was a good method for avoiding the "why didn't anyone check up on Vance" problem that often occurs in long-running games.

But even so, I wouldn't just join any long-running game. I joined Galactic Renaissance as it was relaunching because i had grown to trust the GM during her running of Murder at Christmas. And I trusted Ginger, if I had been chosen to join HOC, in that respect as well.

This brings me to my own experience with Strange Bedfellows. I frankly need more time and space to work on the website and the information therein. I've finally begun to work on the Twiki, on space generously and kindly donated by Ginger.

But how do I introduce new players to an 8 year old PBEM? Easy! Find the unexploited and unexplored niches. Ginger's character Alais is a perfect example of this in action. My relatively unexplored Chaos allowed me to add
characters there, and new prospective players have been intrigued by the possibilities available. I do need to work better on information, and find the time to update matters.

There is a quantum mechanical effect at work. Things, places and areas of my game flourish and become more real with players to witness, interact and influence them. I crave the characters who will fill in the blank spots of my map and continue to enrich my world, while still having ties to other parts, to continue spinning the web that is Strange Bedfellows

Posted by Jvstin at April 25, 2004 10:32 AM