July 5, 2004

Game Dream 2: Deal with the Devil

Doc's Second Game Dream is working with the enemy...

One of my favorite plot complications that I like to introduce as a GM is to create an environment where the players are forced to deal with unsavory characters that they would otherwise destroy. From either a player or GM/ST point of view, what is your most vivid recollection of this occuring in your games?

Gods, lots of choices for this one.

I'm going to delve back to my D&D games for this one, because its the most poignant of all such. I was GMing a game where the PCs, scions and champions of the kingdom of Aragorn. (yes, and I had a city by the name of Dunedain...)

Anyway, the characters wound up getting contacted by the first born son of the local evil overlord. His father was even more mad and insane than usual, and the son was concerned that his father was going to dabble with powers that would not give them suzerainty over their enemies--but rather destroy everyone and everything.

So, the Black Prince (yes, I was going for a historical reference) tried to forge an alliance with the PCs. The PCs watched him like a hawk, not only because they didn't trust him, but because they wanted to see him in action, because they had tangled in HIS plots more than once.

BP and the Player Characters managed to reach the remote, icy citadel where the experiment was taking placed, and subsequently destroyed the Chaos Orb. The BP managed to skate away and avoid taking any of the rap for disrupting his father's plans, just making the PCs even more hated and disliked by the Overlord.

Posted by Jvstin at July 5, 2004 9:10 PM