August 1, 2004

Game Dream 7: Wot, Guyva

Doc asks this week

To what degree do your characters, or the characters of your group members, adopt accents to represent either dialects or backstory within the game? What's the strangest / most unique accent pattern you've come across while gaming?

I can't speak well at all.

I barely manage to make characters sound different in a FTF game, so accents and such are something which is often beyond my limited and poor skills.

Now, in the written medium, I do much better. I can fake accents and unusual speaking patterns very well. The classic examples are in a Grand Affair, where Iolaus speaks in meter and rhyme, and Delwin, somewhat unfamiliar with Thari, can sometimes be unsure about words and phrases.

I enjoy writing the two of them on that basis. And I've been known to pepper in special phrases and such for other characters, based on their background.

Posted by Jvstin at August 1, 2004 11:55 AM