November 18, 2004

Li's Lunchtime Poll #1

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll #1

LI, who recently asked a question about Supers systems (and even emailed me directly so I would see it) has instituted the idea as a new feature. I guess I am going to need a new category, natch?

Anyway, her first Poll question is:
What is your favorite historical period for RPGs, and why?

Tough question because there are so many good choices, so I will pick one.

16th century. Ginger calls it "Early Modern".

The tech level of the 16th century has been a default assumption in many of my games. In my first D&D campaign, the major event of the last 50 years had been the dissemination of the printing press, and the concordant historical ripples that was causing.

You can have interesting sorcery, nation states and city states, and all sorts of intrigue, romance and more within the time frame. It makes for a rich gaming milieu (and writing milieu...Paul Kearney's books, the first of which I've read, fits into this time frame well).

And, of course, games like 7th Sea are already set in this time frame, more or less.

Posted by Jvstin at November 18, 2004 1:08 PM