December 9, 2004

Know when to Hold 'em...

Both Arref and Ginger talk about Poker, and Amber and how to run a poker game within the milieu.

I'm not a good poker player or even a moderate one. For Texorami, I had to fake my knowledge as best as I could. Its simply a game that is not to my skills. I can't bluff, for one thing.

So, is it surprising that, despite a card-playing King, that a poker game hasn't come up in Strange Bedfellows or any of my other games? I'm not sure whether to use a system like Arref's, or Kindred's Texorami formulation, or just to wing it.

On the other hand, chess, now, I have a good idea on how the elders (and my player characters) each play chess--style and mode, as well as skill level.

Corwin might be a better player than, Julian, say, and Benedict better than Corwin, but their styles are all different. I even, when I had a version of Chessmaster that allowed for computer opponents, modeled various elders as computer oppositions based on my theories.

Posted by Jvstin at December 9, 2004 1:39 PM