May 20, 2005

The Grand Affair, Considered

in the Shadow of Greatness: 20x20: games that won't let go

Arref tags off of my recent entry on nostalgic games with his own nostalgia for A Grand Affair.

While I don't think nostalgia is the right word for a game dead so relatively recently, I concur on the influence it has had.

As a sometimes called wise man once said, "Its the social, stupid."

The most profound results of A Grand Affair are the social ones. A Grand Affair brought me into direct gaming contact with many people I had never had the chance to do so previously and wanted to, and brought me into contact with people that I had never met before and now consider good friends and RP partners.

Thanks to a Grand Affair...

...I have aborned and developed a good friendship with Liz Trumlich, wound up with the Hivemind in Strange Bedfellows, met the Ditullios (to the result of being in Seasons of Mist and both of them being in SB), joining Murder at Christmas (which led to Galactic Renaissance), and joining Uncle Brand's Mansion. All that for openers.

I consider people like Ginger good friends now, whereas previous to GA, she was someone I vaguely knew about (as co-creatrix of HOC) and didn't really have sustained, continual contact.

GA also, I think, improved my underdeveloped PC skills, and still is an influence on trying to improve that.

Too ambitious to live, perhaps never be to repeated or contemplated, Cheers, indeed, to GA.

Posted by Jvstin at May 20, 2005 6:18 AM