March 10, 2006

Top SF Books

SF Signal: SFSignal Reader Challenge #1 - Your Top SF Books

SFSignal takes up the situation of the new SF reviewer at the NY Times by soliciting lists of their top 5 SF books in the comments.

Mine undergoes some variation every time I think about this question, but I answered with the following. Note that all of the votes except for Mote are actually for the entirety of their series.

1. The Mote in God's Eye (Niven and Pournelle)
2. The Vor Game (Miles Vorkosigan Series), Lois M Bujold
3. Shadow of the Torturer (Book of the New Sun), Gene Wolfe
4. The Dirdir (Planet of Adventure), Jack Vance
5. The Golden Torc (Pliocene Exile), Julian May

Posted by Jvstin at March 10, 2006 5:00 PM