March 7, 2007

Amberite Characters that I play

Theresa Thomas, creatrix of the Shadows of Amber message board, has a blog now of her own, called the Silver Labyrinth.

In a recent entry, she talks about the types of Amberite characters that she plays and admits that she used to play straightforward characters...

I still do.

I admit that its against type for Amber as a system, but the fact that my characters are almost uniformly white hats is something that is well known. My characters rarely if ever have any real hidden agendas, and certainly have a deficit of duplicity and double dealing. This is based on the player himself, who doesn't, for example, play Diplomacy all that well. I can't lie with a straight face.

And so my characters are pretty simple compared to the complex ones around them, something I always lament, but I don't think I can plausibly change. It's a feature as well as a bug.

Posted by Jvstin at March 7, 2007 8:12 PM