March 9, 2007

Character Names

The Silver Quill - Character Names

Theresa talks about Character Names in detail

I do like names, too, although I am incredibly dull in picking them out and I generally don't pick them with the intent of meaning.

Most of my names come from the Greco-Roman and because I am attracted by a particular name rather than searching out the meanings. Finding out meanings, afterward, is amusing. But I don't choose a character name because it means particular anything. However, Cadmus, from A Common Disaster, perhaps by GM intent, had some of his mythology leak into his history.

Character names from Greco-Roman culture I've used include:

Marcus, Cadmus, Lorius, Hadrian, Iolaus, Castor, Pollux and Scipio

In a very minor key, I've also borrowed names from elsewhere. Ingrey, from TimeUnderChaos has his name derived from a character in a Lois Bujold novel. Vance, which was a failed character concept for House of Cards, was a tip of the hat to Jack Vance. Merivel Belmore, in Winter Chills, had his first name derive from the character in the movie Restoration whose "look" I also borrowed in the form of a casting call. Zavier, for Exodus, was taken from a Baby name book as a variant on "Xavier".

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Luap the mage, Ekim the fighter and Yrogerg the Ranger Enter the dungeon and....

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