January 16, 2009

Creation's Crisis: A Manifesto for Change

This is something one of my PCs, Scott, of My Friends the Olsons (who plays a craft oriented Twilight) came up with.

His appellation at the end came from an encounter he had with one of the Raksha, who dubbed him by the title.

It won't make sense unless you are familiar with the Exaltedverse...

Creation's Crisis:
A Manifesto for Change

Creation now stands upon the edge of a knife, threatened by the
Dead and the Unformed, with the Yozis lurking somewhere in the background.
The forces that once drove back the Unformed and expanded Creation are,
today, hunted and feared by those who should be their allies and trusted
companions, and these hunters have not managed to drive back the Dead in
the millennia since they chose to take on the role initially allocated to
others by the Gods, and have only managed to drive back the Unformed with
the use of weapons created to serve those who they now hunt, weapons that
in too many cases they can neither recreate or maintain.

That the fall of the Solar Deliberative was deemed necessary at the time
is not in dispute, indeed it can be argued that if it did not need to fall
it would not have fallen, that the overthrow of the Deliberative would
have failed without the preceding fall of the Chosen of the Unconquered
Sun of the First Age into decadence. For the purposes of this document,
this will be considered fact. There is, now, little point in arguing the

That the order that succeeded the Solar Deliberative has not managed to
hold Creation together in the face of its enemies should not be in dispute
either. How many of Creation's lands, peoples, creatures, and gods were
lost between the Contagion and the great invasion of the Unformed? How
many have been lost to the Dead? And how many of these losses have since
been regained, the borders pushed back, the dead or Wyld lands retaken for
the living? The losses have simply continued, the latest and largest
being the fall of the city of Thorns to the Dead, but we have no reason to
suppose this will be the last. The Dead continue to reach out their cold
fingers to the lands of the living, hungry for the end of life. And how
long will it be before the Unformed begin to stir anew, having learned
that the Empress no longer can command the Realm's war manses that threw
them back the last time they made a concerted assault? We do not know,
but we do not dare assume they will not move again when they feel ready
and Creation weak enough to be overrun and destroyed. And then there are
the Yozis. They are not gone, not dead, and we can be sure that their
malice at the very least still leaks into the world and twists things that
should not be twisted. These threats exist, and their existence cannot be
denied by those who would walk in the real world.

The dialectic of history is simple enough: the old regime was fatally
flawed and change was needed; but the chosen change has resulted in a
situation where Creation is threatened from without, rather than from
within. Yet, the destruction of the old order did not result in greater
safety, but over time in greater loss of life, a loss that shows no sign
of stopping. The new order, like the old, must change, though for the
sake of Creation the means should be different, for Creation and its
inhabitants are unlikely to given the luxury of being left alone to sort
out the rubble of yet another civil war amongst its intended protectors,
not when the enemy is already here.

If Creation is to survive and thrive, a new path, a third way, must be
chosen, a path that makes use of the talents of all and does not rely
solely on one group or another. The evidence is strong enough: the Chosen
of the Unconquered Sun and the Chosen of the Elemental Dragons have been
tried alone at Creation's helm and been found wanting, there is little
reason to believe that, over time, the Chosen of Luna or the Chosen of the
Maidens would not suffer the same fate. It will fall to those of us
living now to decide the fate of Creation, whether we will fight amongst
ourselves and so allow our enemies from without to crush us all piecemeal,
or whether we will create a new strength, a new structure that will forge
the steel of a new era, strong enough to deflect the thrust of Creation's
enemies and strong enough to crash home through their upraised defenses.

If Creation is to survive and thrive, those who love it must face the true
enemies: the Dead, the Unformed, and the Yozis, for, as every mortal
knows, fighting amongst ourselves in a burning house is folly. Let the
gods, the Chosen of the Elemental Dragons, the Chosen of the Maidens, the
Chosen of Luna, and the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun at least work in
parallel if they cannot work in concert to defeat the threats to the very
existence of Creation, for all have special roles to play, special skills
to use, special gifts to put in the service of Creation.

The Smith

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