February 9, 2009

The latest email from Scott regarding the Exalted game

Any questions? This might be a good time for you all to learn more about the game, the system and the universe.

DI - Ride back to Crossroads, getting into who knows what trouble on the
way. Judging by Eight's scanner, there aren't any Celestial exalts along
his path to the edge of Eight's range, but that doesn.t necessarily mean
there aren't obstacles... (who knows whether Eight can detect Abyssals or
Infernals, Fair Folk, DBs, etc). Not to mention get those plans for grand
daiklaves and other goodies back into Kunrad's hands, depending on what
they require it could save a lot of design time, which might enable Kunrad
to get one done before the Meru expedition.

Charen - Meet with Cathak Cainan and with a LOT of luck, get him pointed
back to the Isle without any unpleasantness and without getting herself
into deeper water. This could get REALLY sticky, REALLY quickly, we can
hope that he's here to express the apologies of his house to Charen and
Hara and slap Nathaniel's head vigorously, but.. he might not be here for
that, and he might ask awkward questions. We can HOPE he won't, but ..

Viola - get Minerva caught up on the world as it exists now, and the
dangers therein. I'm guessing what we have here is a First Age Lunar
who's essentially slept through the last 1000 years or so, so she doesn't
necessarily know much about the Usurpation, she doesn.t know about the
Wyld Hunt, she doesn't have the moonsilver tattoos of most modern Lunars,
and she doesn't know about the Silver Pact (which we Solars don't really
know about either, but both Deryk Cloaked in Lies and the Ally do). She
might even be of a Caste that no longer exists, which could be really
dangerous for her. Keep your fingers crossed for a Seven Leaping Dragon
hearthstone (+4 to all martial arts rolls) inside the Hearthroom of the
Temple, though there are a number of other good Solar hearthstones (Seven
Leaping Dragon is a 4-dot manse hearthstone).

Kunrad - Do what he can to help see Cainan off (hopefully this is limited
to staying out of sight and not hitting that big rock any more, not "Hey,
Kunrad, get out there and be my champion in single combat"!). Get the
measurements for the plates for Viola's buff coat so he can make the
orichalcum replacements for them when he gets back to Crossroads. Once
Cainan's gone, get that rock cracked open so Viola can get to the
Hearthstone. Keep working on getting that book cracked open, so he can
find out what's in it.

Long Range Plans:

1 - Visit the Court of Seasons around the period when the Whisperer's in
charge. If the perfected water solves the Whisperer's poisoning problem,
SOMEONE'S going to pay, I'd expect. Of course, it turns out the Court of
Seasons is going to be near Whitewall at that time, where the Bull is
apparently heading next based on what he said to DI about going to deal
with the Syndics... I suppose this could be an opportunity for Kunrad to
be interrogated on what he means with his Manifesto, but... with his
Temperance (or rather lack of it), he's not likely to play nicely with
their Eclipse if she pulls the same tricks she did with DI. HOPEFULLY we
can avoid crossing paths with the Bull and his Circle, but we shall have
to see.

2 - Return to Meru and open up the Temple to Sol Invictus there, at the
same time accomplish our goal of boosting our Essence via Pilgrimage.
This could get very ugly, or could go very smoothly. A lot will depend on
whether we're spotted leaving the gate and on whether we can a) pass as
Dragon-blooded on pilgrimage to the Imperial Mountain, the holy site of
the Earth Dragon, or b) whether we can bushwhack across the flanks of the
mountain that aren't heavily trafficked by the Empire. If we go with plan
b), we'll probably reduce the number of encounters we have, but the
Imperials or Immaculates we encounter are more likely to think that we're
up to no good. If we go with plan a), we might be able to get most of the
way up the mountain without problem, or things might go off the track
immediately the first time we run into someone, no way to know for sure.
Who knows, how things go next session with Cathak Cainan might affect what
our plan is here.

3 - Return to Yu-Shan for the next Carnival of Meeting. We don't have an
invitation, but as Solars I'm not sure we NEED one to go to Yu-Shan (we'll
find out when we're working on #1, since the most likely way to do that is
going to be to go through Yu-Shan, though we might be able to take the sky
chariots IF we'll all fit now), and it would be a good time to try to get
a conversation going on what changes should be made. Kojack's been gone
for a year, the Siddies will have sorted themselves out (mostly), and
everyone's had a year to think about things. Not to mention that there's
more opportunities to make contacts for fun and profit... and a copy god.
Of course, if the Bull goes to Whitewall, the gods might be even more
agitated about him (the Syndics of Whitewall are Celestial gods, though
about no one other than they know this).

4 - Return to the factory-cathedral and check on how work there is going.
It won't be fully operational yet, but the activity there may have drawn
attention and it wouldn't hurt to check on it.

5 - After checking on the factory-cathedral, take the golems to the ruined
temple complex in the north. That complex may well have things worth
having in it, not to mention that the temple could be rebuilt.. and,
unlike the temple at Cornith and on Meru, it's far enough from the Realm
that we won't have too many worries about the Realm trying to close it

A note: Minerva potentially gives the group an in with the Lunars: she
might well be of a caste that no longer exists (the period of exile in the
Wyld after the Usurpation was extremely hard on the Waxing Moon, Waning
Moon, and Half Moon castes, they were replaced by the Changing Moon caste
that subsumed all three of them, if she's a priestess, like Viola, she's
probably a Waxing Moon), and she's going to be one of the oldest Lunars in
existence that's still sane (assuming that she is). The problem, of
course, is that we don't have many contacts with the Lunars: Deryk's
vanished, DI hasn't made contact with that wolf-woman he saw via Eight,
and the Ally hasn't been seen by anyone in the group for the better part
of a year. We at least know where she used to be, though, so she might
well be the person to contact on this. Assuming, of course, that we don't
have a Lunar or three sitting on our doorsteps in Crossroads the next time
we get back there...

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