July 2, 2013

Mesa Verde National Park


Today we return to Mesa Verde National Park, and a picture from my tour of Cliff Palace, showing off some of the architecture.

Fun fact. See the "pit" in the lower middle foreground? That is called a kiva, and its an important structure that is common to the period. You find them in the cliff dwellings and the dwellings on top of the mesa, too. (Notice you can see a second one up and to the right, below the "tower".

The function of Kivas were for religious ceremonies and as a place where inhabitants could gather together to work on things communally. (At the time of use, there would be a roof or "lid". With a smoke hole in the center of the lid and an ingenious air hole system, you could be nice and comfortable and get stuff done, and see your neighbors. The Starbucks coffee shop of its day!


Posted by Jvstin at July 2, 2013 7:00 AM