May 12, 2011

Miniature News: British Grenadier revised

I've been looking at the various rulesets available for gaming the AWI and one of the ones I see mentioned a lot is British Grenadier. It seems to be popular, though I had no idea where to find it and began to assume it was out of print. Well, the news came out today that Partizan Press is releasing a new edition. It will come in two editions:

•A standard 'beer proof' gloss laminated hardback, ideal for repeated handling by the common man. •For discerning wargamers and gentleman of quality, the book is also available in a Gentleman's Edition. This fine example of printing craftsmanship and design is matt laminated with foil embossing with debossed details, the cover illustrations enhanced with a superior reflective coating to caress your eyes like the fair hands of dusky maidens (still not included).

Hopefully, it will be available here in the US and I won't need to import it from the UK. Certainly, I will not be able to afford the Gentlemen's edition....and beer-proofing is a nice feature. :)

Posted by Nuadha at May 12, 2011 10:42 AM