The Nightside

I recently read Simon Green's Into the Nightside and it's follow-up, Agents of Light and Darkness and I've been meaning to mention them in my blog. If you've played in any of my Dreaming City games or read the site, you might be familiar with my character, Lazarus Jones. Lazarus is a detective who specializes in taking the weird cases. I started writing little short stories about him when I was in High School and even ended up playing him in a short RPG campaign. Then, he was shelved for years until I decided to run the first Dreaming City game at Ambercon a few years ago. I dusted him off, updated him a little (making him a Werewolf instead of his original curse which was more complicated) and placed him in a setting where he seemed right at home.

I've always had a weakness for the noir detective genre. Add in a little bit of the fantastic and it becomes even cooler. So, when I saw the Nightside series, I had to read it. From its description it sounded a lot like my Dreaming City and it did have a lot of similiarities.

Anyways, I was going to write I nice review of the books, but I was looking online for a list of the books in the series (these are the only two so far) and I found this website's review and it says about everything I was going to see. It's a worthy read. Check it out.

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