Wednesday Weird #7: The B&E

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This weeks Wednesday Weird is a crime that is bound to get some jail time if caught. It was also the plot that inspired the Wednesday Weird. Breaking into someone's home to steal an item or search for clues, the characters could get in and out without a problem....or any weirdness. Where's the fun in that?

Your challenge is to describe a scenario of breaking and entering where things go horribly wrong....and then get bizarre. We're talkin' frozen lizard bizarre, folks.

The PCs of a Modern espionage game break into the home of Dr. Charles S. Brown, a man believed to be a spy for another government. They are looking for some top secret blue prints that were recently stolen. While searching through the desk, they hear something moving in the bedroom. If they enter the bedroom, they find Dr. Brown sleeping peacefully and are suddenly attacked by an oriental guy with the moves of Jackie Chan. The guy moves all about the room and from room to room as he fights them, using every bit of furniture in the house. If they outnumber him too greatly, he is fighting them as he tries to escape. Otherwise, he is trying to find out who they are by beating them up until they talk. "Who sent you?" He uses all the weird furniture and items that someone might grab in a house, squirting shampoo in the eyes of the PC, swinging a waffle iron around by its power cord like nunchakus and throwing a box of porn magazines at the PCs. At one point he leaps on the edge of the bed, flipping it and sending the sleeping Dr. Brown as a projectile towards one of the PCs. Dr. Brown sleeps through everything as he collides with the PC or the wall behind the PC. (Dr. Brown was drugged by the unknown "ninja.") Eventually, the fight goes into rooms and closets where Dr. Brown stored all of his sex toys. ....and things just get weird.

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What about a scenario in which the PCs are breaking in not to steal, but to replace? When the fuzz comes, the PCs have a hard time convinving the cops that they didn't steal anything, because they get caught with the thing that was missing in the first place and that they were trying to return.....

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