A-in-E- Llewella's Shadow


Llewella settled on the shadow-world of Proteus. The world was discovered by the survivors of a great space battle, Proteus is one of the universe's greatest mysteries....and sadly for the locals, it is a mystery they have not been able to share, for they have never been able to leave the planet or communicate with the galactic empire they came from.

"Ensign O'Dell! Status report!"

The Ensign looked up from tactical and swung around in her chair to face the Commodore. "Sir, the shields generators were destroyed by that last hit and there is another wave of raiders coming in!"

The GSF Yamato was one of the largest and most impressive ships in the Galactic Fleet's Space Fleet, but Commodore Cain heard the great ship groaning under the strain of the damage. He looked at his tactical viewer and could see that the remaining ships of the fleet were in similiar shape.

"Lt. Inara, send word to the fleet to prepare for space jump. We will retreat to Mars for repairs. Inform the Battloids that they need to the landing bays." The "Old Man" turned to the navigator, "We'll be jumping in 2 minutes, Mr. Burton. You'll need to work fast."

The Yamato groaned as it was hit by another volley of Bynari missiles. Explosions could be heard on the starboard side of the Battleship and the view-screen flared up as one of the enemy attack ships exploded in a blinding light. "I thought the starboard cannons were off-line!? What took out that Raider!?"

Cain looked down at the Tactical display to see Captain Corva's Battloid flying around in the midst of a formation of Bynari Raiders. 'What the hell is he doing? I gave the order to return!"

"He's buying us time, sir."

The Yamato leaped, but just as they leaped, an attack by one of the attacking ships rocked the ship, throwing off its navigational system. Instead of Mars, they found themself looking at an unknown, impossible world. It was a world so large that it seemed flat and went on as far as the sensors could detect. As if that were not strange enough, there was no sun, but instead the world itself, seemed to give off heat and light. Unable to escape the gravity of the world, the Yamato crashed. That was 2,000 years ago.

The survivors of the Yamato found a world covered in a strange liquid. As far as their scientists could tell, the liquid was water and noone had any ill-effects from drinking it, but it glowed.

The world, which they named Proteus, had been occupied before and the survivors found abandoned cities that floated above the great ocean of Proteus. On the underside of the Proteus cities, great hanging plants that appeared to be something like a sea-weed were harvested for food and the great cities had the water flow through it, providing light, heat and power to the cities, although the residents could never figure out how this worked and some of the early attempts to understand the technology led to disaster as whole cities sunk beneath the waves of Proteus.

The human-piloted robots of the Galactic Space Fleet, the Battloids, were used in the early days to explore the under-waves, but something strange started to happen to the Battloids. As the waters of Proteus started working its way in to the Battloids insides, the insides of the Battloids began to change as if the waters themselves were changing them. 2,000 years later, it is now impossible for the techs of Proteus to repair or rework the Battloids and without materials to build new ones, the people of Proteus keep the Battloids stored away, in case their enemies ever find them.

Life for the Proteans is comfortable and easy. Food is plentiful and much of what they need is supplied by the cities or the sea. They managed to adapt some of the products of their previous world to life in the cities and Proteus now has a television network and several other comforts of the old worlds. Travel from city to city is mainly done by use of another thing left by the world's previous occupants, flying skiffs that seems to pull energy from the waves somehow.

It is on this world, that Llewella settled. She lives in the capital city of Corva and noone in the city bothers her or her family or questions what job they perform for the city. This gives her plenty of time to pursue other interests in shadow. What is Llewella doing in shadow? Only she knows.


Thanks! I can't take full credit. The setting was created through myself and two other players.

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