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Adventure Hook: The Headless Pirate

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I was watching a History channel documentary on Pirates and I learned that when Blackbeard was killed, the leader of the naval vessel that got him had his head cut off and hung on the bow of his ship. The body was dumped overboard. If this doesn't sound like a perfect set-up for a ghost story, I don't know what is.

Review: PK Cards

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I was able to try out a new trading card game today. The game is PK Cards, a fantasy-based card game where heroes called avatars lead their troops in battle against others. The battle works a lot like the battles of the Tuatha de Danaan in Celtic Myth: a series of one-on-one battles between individuals with the winner of the battle the one that wins the most of these one-on-one fights. Here is my review:

I picked up the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition starter set a couple weeks ago and this last weekend, I was able to give it a try. I had been holding off on trying 4th edition D&D. I had heard mixed reviews of the game and it seems that people are pretty split. There is one camp that seems to think it is the ultimate edition of D&D and another that thinks they dumbed it down. Eventually, I realized that all of the negative comments about it I was reading might actually be a plus in my book. Still being cautious, I didn not buy the rulebooks, but bought this special intro set instead that comes with a slimmed down rulebook and adventure, "Dungeon Tiles," tokens and dice (no crayon this time). What follows is my review.

What am I gaming these days?

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My gaming is probably the most eclectic it has even been these days. I don't get to roleplay as much as I like, but I am running a monthly Amber campaign, running a series game at Ambercons (Dreaming City), am playing in a monthly Star Wars game, and run and play in occassional local pick-up games.

I am also playing Warhammer 40K fairly often these days, since a Games Workshop store opened about 5 minutes from my house. I don't get to play many other mini games these days, but have played an occassional game of Star Wars Minis in the last couple months and have been talking to a few folks about playing Mordheim.

I meet with some friends once-a-month to play board games, card games, etc..

I play Magic: The Gathering occassionally as well, since some friends are really into it....and it is always fun to see my friends and talk smack before hitting them with a 20pt Fireball.

I'm baaaaaack!

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I have had a lot a lot of RPG and gaming thoughts lately and so have decided to make a return to Claim Solais. I had a bunch of regular readers for a while and hopefully a few may return. This blog also has an RSS feed for LJ users, so you may be seeing this in your LJ friend list. Did you miss me?

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