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A friend sent me a gift of the British Grenadier rules. (A review is forthcoming once I have had a chance to read it all. So far it is a fantastic book.) A family member gave me a Visa gift card for my birthday as well that I am planning to place an order for the Perry British Legion Cavalry figs. Between those and snatching up some used minis locally dirt cheap, I have about enough for a game.

I now have:
about 30 British Regulars. (I have painted about 15 of them so far.)
about 16 British Grenadiers
24 Perry Southern Militia (to use as Marion's Men, but could also work as Loyalists)
36 plastic Wargames Factory WSS figures to use as Militia (planning to use as a Loyalist unit)
4 Continental Cavalry figures; two converted to look like General Francis Marion and Oscar Marion.
1 British Officer Mounted
1 artillery Piece (looks like a 3 pounder) and crew (Conveniently, I will paint these up in the traditional colors that both sides used for their artillery crews, so they can be used on either side depending on the game.)
1 British Officer that I painted to use as General Cornwallis
18 1st Rhode Island Light Infantry (got these already painted dirt cheap at a con I went to. Was originally going to repaint them but after looking at them so more and reading up on the unit they were painted as, I decided to keep them as is....even though they didn't have much action in the Southern Campaign that I am collecting for.)
24 ancient figures of Continentals in Hunting jackets with rifles. They are all the same pose.
12 Hessian Jaegers
12 Hessian Grenadiers

Flipping through the example scenarios in the British Grenadier book (Freeman's Farm and Bunker Hill), I won't have enough to do either of those, but this is why I decided to collect for the Southern Campaign. I have more then enough to do the smaller skirmishes that took place in South Carolina. Marion ran a hit and run campaign. He only ever had one cannon. (Not a cannon battery. ONE cannon.) He generally only had 60 men which on the 5:1 scale they recommend using for smaller battles in Grenadier would only be 12 figures for his whole group.

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