The GW Backlash

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Another year and another price raise, combined with some other shifty stuff has left a lot of GW fans upset and threatening to leave playing their games. Personally, I love my 40K Ork army and have no plans on stopping the game altogether, but I had already decided not to spend much money on their games any more. The fact is that there are plenty of good games currently on the market that are a better value for your money. Warhammer costs twice as much to start playing than any other miniature game and when you buy an army they constantly redesign the rules so you have to keep updating your armies with more of their figures.

One argument I keep hearing of why you should still buy GW even though they are easily the most expensive mini games to play is that they did so much to build the hobby. I say BS. They did do a lot to create a new generation of gamers. I got in to miniature gaming in High School with Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest which naturally led me to buying Warhammer figures, which led me to discovering Warhammer 40K. However, saying that you should keep buying them because of that is like saying that people should have bought the Atari Jaquar video game system over Sony's better Playstation system....because Atari did so much for the industry. If the current situation is that the company that used to produce awesome stuff is no longer doing so and that other companies are providing a better product, then there is no reason not to switch. If enough people do so, then GW will have to bring their prices and their games back to what they used to be...the same value that got so many folks playing them in the first place.

If you say we should keep playing GW because you think their rules are the most fun to play, I get that. I disagree, but I also don't think the rules (despite them seeming to be written to force you to constantly buy figs) are horrible. They are fun. But, if you are saying that because it is one of the only mini games you have ever played, then why not check out some of the many quality mini games out there that offer a better deal. Many of the games offer the rules for free and you can use your existing warhammer figures to try the rules out. If you claim it to be the best rules but haven't tried other games, then your reasoning has a major flaw.

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