40K AAR- Red Starz vs Space Marines

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Got a game of 40K in last night. I don't get to play it very often these days, so it was nice to get my Ork army on the table. While I have mostly been disgruntled with GW and vowed to stop buying in to their new editions, I do like the figs I have and I think I will be keeping most of them. Most of the 40K figs I have are in my Ork army or in my Necron Army....which will remain in the closet for 5th edition games as they are really really bad with the current edition of the rules. I don't have to win all the time but would like to play an army where I at least don't have to watch my whole army running of the board on turn 2.

I digress.

Yesterday I hosted a 1500 point game at my place of 5e Warhammer 40K. When people dropped at the last moment, a big multiplayer game turned in to a classic one on one battle between myself and Aaron. I would be fielding the mighty Red Starz, my very mobile Ork army against Aaron's Space Marines.

Che.jpgMy army, was led by Warboss Che Guttrippa, leader of the Gloryus Ork Revylushion. Years ago, the Tau landed on his world where his band of Red Sunz was fighting with other Ork Clans. The fighting stopped as the Tau explained to the Orks of the world about setting aside differences and joining together to work for the betterment of the galaxy. They invited the Orks to join the Tau Empire. The Orks listened and nodded. Then they decided to work together... to kill the Tau. After all, they knew that green-skins are best, so therefore killing anyone who is not green skin would make the universe a better place. Thus Che Gutrippa's Waaaagh was born as he and his newly renamed "Red Starz" went out in the Galaxy, united...."for da Gooder Good!"

For this battle, I wanted to take a little more dakka (firepower) than I usually take. Orks aren't known for their shooting, so there is something fun about putting a lot of shooty guys on the battlefield and rolling lot of dice as they shoot. Sure, most will miss....but a few will hit. My list turned out with:

Che Gutrippa - Warboss with Big Choppa
Snikrot and a unit of Ork Kommandos
Two Trukks of Boys with Choppa and Sluggas
One Trukk with a unit of Nobz
One large unit of foot-sloggin' Ork Boyz with Shootas and 2 big shootas (some of that dakka I decided to use)
One unit of 10 bikes (more dakka and a smoke screen for my shoota boyz)


Aaron brought:
a unit 10-man unit of Terminators with a Librarian in Termie armor
2 units of Scouts with Sniper Rifles
2 Razorbacks
2 units of Space Marines
Tech Marine with Conversion Beam

Set-up We rolled for mission and deployment. The mission was Seize Ground with 3 objectives. Deployment was Pitched Battle. I placed the first objective (a soda machine.....my Orks get thirsty for Orka Cola during battle) in the middle of the board. The other two objectives ended up on sides in no-man's land as well. Aaron placed his snipers and Techmarine in one corner on a hill, his Razorbacks and Marines in the middle with the Terminators at their side. I placed all 3 trukks directly across the battlefield from his Termies, the Shoota Boyz in the middle across from his Razorbacks and my bikes on my left flank across from his scout snipers and Techmarine.

Turn One: I was unable to seize initiative and my Boyz had to weather a torrent of fire. Thankfully, I was able to take advantage of the cover pretty well and only lost a shoota boy, a few bikes and one of the trukks. His techmarine immobilized the trukk with a powerful hit from the conversion beam. Apparently setting up my vehicles on the opposite side of the table from his weapon that gets stronger the further away it is from the target was a mistake. On my move, my trukks drove to put buildings between them and the Techmarine. My bikes blazed forward firing away at the marines but ork shooting lived up to its reputation and was ineffective. redstarzadvance.jpg

Turn Two His Terminators continued their advance towards the Orka-Cola machine and the Marines and Scouts poured fire in to the Bikes, leaving them with only two bikes left. On my turn, I rolled for reinforcements and the Kommandoz arrived. They moved in from the back edge to assault the Scouts and TechMarine. I also surrounded the Terminators with everything I could. I poured as much fire as I could in to the Terminators before charging and with all the Shoota Boyz and Big Shootas on the trukk, that was a lot of shots. I only managed to kill 2, but this was enough that when I charged him with the remains of the bike mob, two units of "slugga boyz" and a unit of nobz, they killed all but one of the Terminators before they got to swing with their power fists. I lucked out a lot , though since his Librarian was completely unable to hit anything when he got to swing. The Terminator ran. Over on the left flank, my Kommandoz had a much tougher time with the scouts. They managed to kill one of the squads, but the Techmarine was untouched thanks to his 2+ save.

Turn Three He charged one of the units of boys with his marines. He managed to kill most of the unit, but at great cost to his own unit. You see, the Nob leading the squad survived the assault (the only survivor) and got to swing back with his power klaw. All hits. All wounds. He also charged the Kommandoz with the other Scout squad, but this also ended poorly for him due to to some truly treacherous dice. Instead of the victory he expected, it was a drawn combat that would last in to my turn. On my turn, my surviving nob from the one squad assaulted his Razorback, popping it like a pinata with his Power Klaw. In the assault phase, the Kommandos squeaked out a few extra kills and won the combat. He failed his morale and the unit ran of the table. We decided to call the game there.

Thoughts: Despite it ending by turn three, this was still a pretty exciting game, I thought. There were several combats that could have gone either way, and would have changed the tide of the whole game. Aaron is a lot of fun to play 40K against. He plays a lot of quirky lists and tends to be good-natured about the game whether winning or losing. Bad dice rolls plagued him all game and he never bitched about it.

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