Character Genesis for the Glitter and the Glamour

Players will play children of King Oberon, both the known (canon) and the unknown. There will be conflict martial, political, and personal. Each character will have various magical promise, as well as special flaws, personal rules, and secrets. Character generation is done on a descriptive, rather than a point-based method.

There is a quiz to be filled out in detail. There will be a regular play log distributed by e-mail list for all public actions. Players will be encouraged to interact with each other with the absolute minimum of GM intervention. Players are similarly encouraged to keep GM input on minor nonplayer character roles to a minimum. I will be involved in plot, cosmology, and major nonplayer character roles. This is a cooperative effort; if you do not wish to be part of the world-building, don't apply.

It is difficult for an immortal to die. It is much easier to make them stop wanting to live. This is a truth of your enemies as well as of your Family.

All contributions will be reflected in character opportunity. By this I mean that depending on the level of contribution your character may receive a gift, a patron, a devotee, or a chance to gain a special power. Contributions include the traditional (excepting logs) as well as the non-traditional (creating a monetary system for Amber, in-character exposition of a particularly quotable nature, interesting web pages for characters specific to the game, recommendations to me of other players that pay off spectacularly, art work for the game's main web page, etc.)

All game material may be publically posted on the web site. Obviously, for plot reasons I reserve the right to omit detail or deliberately mislead.

Please note that the list is being graciously provided by Phoenyx.Net and their roleplaying opportunities.

There are many places where "the Glitter and the Glamour" will resemble Corwin's Chronicles. There are many places, however, where they will differ. This document is a work in progress, as things occur, I will update it.

  • How should you approach this game?

Start with your character, and remember, you are in an extremely magical world. What you say, do, and (in some cases) think may have magical consequences. The spilling of blood is dangerous. You can curse with your voice alone.

Do not, however, think for an instant that magic is power just for your characters. Magic abounds and your dark cousins know it as well as you, if not better. Similarly, magic does not mean "safety" for even a moment; your magic may be able to raze cities, but 20 armed mortals can cut off your head and place it on the castle gates. You may not die from this, but it could be extremely inconvenient.

There is an army in Amber. An armed navy. Patrols in Arden. You are immortal, but your enemies are many, and pain is not lessened with the release of mortality. Some of you remember the death of Lir, and why Queen Rilga was hailed a hero. Just as the things of magic can be beautiful, so can there be monsters... and neither beauty or monstrosity is necessarily visible on the outside.

  • What of mortals? What of the people of the Golden Circle?

There are Kings of the Golden Circle, and the magic of Amber affects those places, too. Some are smarter than you are, or greater magicians. The reason Amber is triumphant is because one who can walk between worlds has more resources... more places to run, more places to find allies.

Mortals in Amber regard the Family with some suspicion. Some seek out work in the Castle to pay for magic needed for their family, or for the opportunity to learn your secrets. Some have been rewarded, and some have been punished. Regard the mortals with care; they have a vitality amongst them that can be surprising. Once they enter the castle many stop aging, some begin to change... take mortal lovers with care.

Amber lies on the edge of Faerie, but has removed itself from the chaos of it. It is the essence of stability in mortal blood that is its strength and weakness. The Amber of the docks is much different than the Amber of the Castle, and those whose aspects encompass both (such as Caine) express a balance between the needs of the Eternal City. Faerie is shaped by strength of will, different to the eyes of each beholder. Those who never see the inner core of the castle would be surprised to see as, say, Dworkin does.

Few leave Amber once they arrive. The portals and doors remain open, but the flow of time can alienate a person from their previous homeland. They can live nearly forever in the timelessness of Amber, but to return can see a thousand years passed in what seems to be a day. Very few are born within Amber, and those who are must return to Amber for its reinvigorating properties. This is especially true of the Royal Family, but even those outside the Blood may feel its call, for nothing but the true earth will suffice to those who have it in their bones. There is a definite correlation if not a exact ratio of time spent outside Amber and aging past the bloom of adulthood.

This is the reason the Golden Circle is so important to Amber; it brings in new blood, new perspectives, and yet provides a common time frame and standard paths to hold together Amber as an empire and less an island like the moonlit Tir.

Are the fruits of the vine so addictive that once having tasted of Amber's vintages one can be satisfied by no other? While Duke Bayle might have you think so, the only geas eating and drinking of Amber has is that of the laws of hospitality.

To look upon the King in his glory is to be blinded unless you can pierce the veil that is glamour, and even then, he is King, and that's something that goes beyond illusion. To do glamour to another of the fey is a challenge. Yet mortal Queen Dybele? saw something besides mists and the cloak of magic on King Oberon, and perhaps Princess Paulette will see something different. With that, people often see what they expect and/or fear, mortal or immortal alike.

  • What of Dworkin? How much do I know about him?

You do not know he is your grandfather. Oberon treats him without deference except in the ways of magic, at which point he believes Dworkin to have no peer. Dworkin has many enemies, and rarely leaves his towers. You have been tested by him. You have been found wanting.

He is the one who chose when you walked the Pattern. He is the one who gave you your deck of Trump and taught you how to use it. He is the one who did your portrait for the deck, and the one who locks the Hall of Remembrance, and the one who pulled you away from the Corridor of Mirrors.

The Pattern has not always been. There was a Time Before. However, it is accepted that only people who are Of the Blood can walk the Pattern. No non-family member has tried, that anyone knows of.

The Jewel of Judgement is important; it is one of the three symbols of the office of King.

Even illegitimate Princes are generally accepted in Amber and given all courtesies afforded the Royal Family.

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