Setting Details for the Glitter and the Glamour

This is an "alternate canon" game; what we know of canon up to this point in Amber's development is to be considered true. Amber has strong medieval European-roots (not quite Elizabethan) of flavour. Gerard and Llewella are but children; Flora and Julian just on the cusp of adulthood. Osric and Finndo are dead, and Oberon has named no other heirs. Corwin is King of Avalon. Characters are specifically discouraged to have modern Earth manners of thinking. Technological advancements have been pushed away in favor of magical advancements, although the state of sanitation (because of magical influence) is near current Earth-normal.

The alternative part of the canon is, of course, that Amber is the golden land of immortality. The castle lies half within the mountain of Kolvir, and fantastic creatures walk across the kingdom, although they are more rare now since the city of Amber has grown. There are enchanted princesses, terrible dragons, wizards, and the occasional glimpse of The Unicorn. Your character is inherently magical, for in his or her veins is the lineage of Faerie.

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