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These are the pages of female Amber PCs (and NPCs). Add yours here!

  • Elders
    • insert a character and page link here
  • Other canon characters (including demicanonical characters)
    • Jasra, mystery of Amber, former queen and Chaos ladies' maid (the Eternal City)
    • Paulette of Lys, future Queen of Amber (The Glitter and the Glamour)
  • Children of Elders/canon characters
    • Beltaine, daughter of Brand (The Last Enemy)
    • Celina, daughter of Corwin and Queen Moire of Rebma (House of Cards)
    • Folly, of the line of Julian (House of Cards)
    • Larissa of Q'rin, daughter of Dalt (by Bonnie Roe)
    • Paige, daughter of Bleys (House of Cards)
    • Phoenix, daughter of Eric (The Last Enemy)
    • Robin, daughter of Julian (House of Cards)
    • Alais, of Paris and Lorraine, daughter of Corwin (Strange Bedfellows)
  • Ladies of Amber
  • Ladies of Rebma
  • Ladies of Shadow
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